HFRR (Lubricity Testing)

HFRR (High Frequency Reciprocating Rig) is used for measuring the lubricity of low-sulphur diesel fuel as specified in the ISO 12156-1, ASTM D6097 and CEC F-06-A-96 test methods.

Standard Upper Specimen, 6.0mm diameter ball

Material: AISI E-52100 steel with hardness HV 30 number 190 to 210

Surface finish: Ra < 0.02 um

Standard Lower Specimen, 10.0mm diameter x 3.0mm […]

Bioscience Glasswares

For over fifty years Chemglass, Inc. has manufactured the highest quality laboratory glassware and equipment for the scientific community. Chemglass is headquartered in Vineland NJ USA and is a secondary manufacturer of laboratory glassware.

NEW ChemRxnHub™ process systems are complete with benchtop stand, overhead stirrer, glassware and Manifold/Drain System.

Available with the optional manifold connection and heat […]

ICP-MS cones & shields

Since 1988, Spectron, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying quality cones to the ICP-MS community worldwide. With extensive experience in ICP-MS and ICP-OES techniques, we bring a unique level of expertise to the manufacturing process.

Spectron manufactures sampler and skimmer cones for all the major brands of ICP mass spectrometers including Agilent, GBC, MicroMass/GV, Nu Instruments, […]

Elemental Analysis Consumables

Elemental Microanalysis is a UK based, leading independent manufacturer of consumables, supplies and other products and services to users of elemental analyzers both organic – (CHN, CHN/O/S, CHN, N, NC, NCS, N/protein and CS) and inorganic – (C/S, N/O, H and N/O/H) worldwide.

Elemental Microanalysis is proud to announce that their laboratory has now received accreditation […]

ICP/ICPMS (Inorganic standards)

High-Purity Standards has proudly served the scientific community for the past twenty years with high quality spectrometric standards and reference materials for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS, GC, GC-MS and IC, and has now expanded our stocked reference materials to include ISO Guide 34 multi-component organic reference materials.


ICP/MS Single and Multi-element standards


Single element standards are available in […]

Metal digestion HotBlock System

Environmental Express HotBlock™ digestion systems provide clean, economical efficient digestions.
Made of Teflon®-coated graphite and other non-metallic materials, HotBlocks eliminate corresponding corrosion and the sample contamination. HotBlocks have been approved by the EPA as a suitable means of performing EPA methods including 3005, 3010, 3050A, 3050B, 200.2 and 200.7. The HotBlock is also EPA approved for […]