Project Description

HFRR (High Frequency Reciprocating Rig) is used for measuring the lubricity of low-sulphur diesel fuel as specified in the ISO 12156-1, ASTM D6097 and CEC F-06-A-96 test methods.

Standard Upper Specimen, 6.0mm diameter ball

Material: AISI E-52100 steel with hardness HV 30 number 190 to 210

Surface finish: Ra < 0.02 um

Standard Lower Specimen, 10.0mm diameter x 3.0mm thick disc.

Material: AISI E-52100 steel  Rockwell hardness C scale 58 to 66

Surface finish: Ra < 0.05 um

The lower specimens are made of AISI E-52100 steel and both the raw materials as well as the finished product have been research by the manufacturer on hardness.

Additionally specimens are subjected to roughness analysis and have been tested with the low and high reference fluids by an independent laboratory.

Test specimens are a single use ball and disc which conform to all international diesel fuel test standards. Outside of diesel fuel testing, current HFRR applications include gasoline testing, measuring grease behaviour under boundary conditions, the evaluation of marine engine lubricants and investigations into fretting, both dry and in the presence of lubricant.

A certificate of conformity accompanies every set of upper and lower specimens.

Every box of specimen is also examined visually, microscopically and verified for dimensions before they are shipped to the customer.